Surplus Property Software
Now you can run your entire operation on a phone or tablet!

Together with our development team, we have created an entirely mobile Version 2.0 of the surplus system our customers have been using since 2005!

This new version is developed with the latest responsive design, secure technologies, and is fully ADA-compliant (a requirement for all federal and state-funded institutions). Version 2.0 screens include all the layouts and processes that have been so successful in our ground-breaking original application launched in 2005, and we have added many exceptional innovations to provide the ultimate in convenience and usability.

Version 2.0 has a new, faster, more convenient and efficient approach to Pickups, Deliveries and Receiving. It replaces paper manifests and scanner devices by having all those processes present in a mobile application. The new receiving process has the ultimate flexibility for sophisticated inventory management.

Now you can capture department signatures on your mobile device and upload images directly from your phone or tablet during the pickup process. Departments can use their phones for disposal requests and take images during line-item data entry.

So please view the screenshots and videos and call us to hear about our new subscription-based pricing for your hosted solution.

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